Can the spirit people do a masquerade ball tonight in the MYsterioUS Circle?

Today is the 27th march 2011, I am having a fantastic morning,  woke up feeling good, but in my mind a past life connection came to me, I am missing the masquerade ball, So what i am going to do, before tonights physical sitting takes place, I am going to ask the spirit team, is there any way they can bring through a masquerade ball or people dressed in masquerade, now if it is a success and they can do this, It will please me greatly and will post up any images from the video recording that comes through, if not then will accept another time for the masquerade to happen, it could be short notice for them, who knows what can happen, so masquerade ball here we come, if you can achieve this tonight.

Please check back later for the mysterious circle sitting up date.

thank you


MYsterioUs circle


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