LIVE Broadcasts for MYsterioUS Circle


Dear friends who have been following the progression of the mysterious circle have now got the opportunity to see the live sittings online, we will keep you updated on the start date and times the broadcast will begin via broadcaster found on this blog page, there will be no easy access to the broadcasts you can view here directly or got to the broadcast page, only those with the access key can access the live broadcast. Live broadcast begins 14th march 2011 at 6:30 pm uk england time to get the access code, you must request it from mysterious circle.
Since we video recorded the sittings, we found it hard to upload them in full length, you can now watch the videos through it means checking the blog regular clicking the play button to see whats on, if we are off air there will be broadcasts saved for you to watch in case you miss out, we will still post up snapshots of the transfiguration faces and add blog posts as normal, you can only access certain broadcasts with access code. The sitting for standsted is currently playing now.

Watch live video from mysteriouscircle on



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