LIVE Broadcasts for MYsterioUS Circle 14th March 2011 6:30 pm Uk england Time


Today is the day 14th march 2011 the online live broadcasts begin, it is important that for those who have been given the opportunity to witness the live sitting, keeps all access code: private to themselves. we will know exactly how many people should be viewing and who they are, if we feel the number has increased suddenly and those who have got on that should not be on, will be removed, we do not want to be banning people, all we ask is please respect one another, the circle and enjoy. for those who have not been invited or been given an access code, please do not take it personal, you will get your turn, we only want small groups of people at a time viewing, the access code: will chaqnge for all live broadcasts, so you may get to see it live one day, some one else will get a chance another day. once we are happy the online sessions are going to plan satisfactory, we will be expanding it to more viewers. Please check back for the updates on the blog later today for daytime meditation sitting and the evening live sitting.
Thank you for your time and patience.
MYsterioUS Circle



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