MYsterioUS Circle physical mediumship Live online Broadcasts Via Webcam

Hello friends around the world
We will soon be broadcasting live physical mediumship online via webcam, if this interests you to see please let the mysterious circle know, we care about people who live abroad and cannot travel and this will benefit anyone who cannot get to the circle to sit, however can still see the live mediumship free of charge, and LIVE means LIVE, you get the opportunity to communicate with the circle and the spirit people coming through, all we ask is you respect the sitting and follow the rules for the online broadcast, thank you for your support. email sylvia here
p.s this will give you the opportunity also to see for yourself what occurs in the sittings with spirit. All sittings will still be recorded and posted up, for those who may have missed out on an evening sitting.
We will be launching this some time in the year, we will keep you updated on times, dates when it starts. please also take in to account anyone living in different time zones in another country, go to the world clock site and look up united kingdom england time zone and compare the hour differences to your own, make a note of it on your calenders/diary so you do not forget when the online sessions will begin, work your own time to get an idea in hours you need to set your alarm clocks for if it is happening during the night or early morning your time. If we broadcast on you will need to join the site to be able to use the chat facility, If we use this it will need us to upgrade the capacity levels higher for viewers.
However we may use our own chat room which is already available and in place and put the broadcast in a free room named mysterious circle, which is this address if you want to be a member it is free to join, spiritual members who wish to just watch a live broadcast or get a reading etc would join as a spiritual member, for those of you who wish to be spiritual demonstrators, meaning to demonstrate your mediumship, healing etc live on cam, you can charge a fee or go free choice is yours you will need to join up as spiritual demonstrator, remember which boxes you tick whilst filing in the join page, as you could easily end up with the wrong account,any problems, let sylvia know.


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