Who is sylvia?

It was the day of the 17th march 2011, chris was oncall, he was out, so the evening circle sitting got cancelled, sylvia felt like sitting for meditation, however did not do it, instead she finished some updates on a site, watched a bit of TV but then just before 9pm decided to go bed, get an early night. When she managed to get to sleep and deep in sleep, something happened, woke her up in a very strong alarming way. As her eyes opened and reacted to the sound, she had a shock, the light was on in the room, yet whether light on or off she seen with her own eyes the long extended transparent like glass but moves was extended out towards the wardrobe, this was out of her head yet was on other part of room. Now the amazing part was she seen a figure attached tto this stood just past the bed, now because she reacted in  alertness, it all sucked back inside her head, now about an hour passes by, and chris arrives home, it was very late in the night say about 3pm the hours of the 18th march 2011 beginning, Sylvia ended up in tears, could not stop crying, she felt over whelmed, she did not know whyat to say or do for the best, what she did see, shook her up only because she did not expect that to happen in the night, she felt if she went back to sleep would anything else happen. When she went back to sleep and chris to, something happened again, yet this tikme, sylvia was woke to see with her own eyes the same transparent thing covering over chris, this time there was no face or shape just a blob, now chris wheres a oxygen face mask, and this moveable transparent form was on it and parts of chris skin. when i reacted, it suddenly shifted and moved and went back into my head. When we both woke in the morning, I asked him was he ok, did he experience anything in the night? he responded with a Yes he is fine, and no he was asleep, was tired did not notice anything in night.

Now I know what you maybe thinking, you maythink she's lost the plot, it was just a dream, it cannot happen etc. this has been going on for along time, when she one night over a year ago met with an alien in her room, not like any other  being, to get anyone to believe, not many would unless you have a personal experience yourself.
The Truth is the medium has a portal that is within her, it cannot be removed, been there before she even came to mother earth, the gateway that opens is not physicalmediumship, it is a door to outer worlds of many kinds and visitors from other life forms of existance come through it, sometimes they bring there own material things withy them, many are unidentified to the human race, and when you have never seen something before, it is hard to understand.
You can believe or disbelieve, you have free will, this is what she has to deal with everyday of her life, and somethings she has to deal with, you would not want to have in your life to see or hear. When they want to dematerialise her or teleport her away, they do, sylvia is feeling down, and yet happy at times, because she feels what people will think of her when they discover now who she is connected to in the universe and outer.

this came through 3rd march 2011 the extraterestrials that still visit her now


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