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30th April 2011 Day 7 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sittings

endofvid [starttext] It is now day 7, 30th April 2011 of the Big Spirit experiment, today's experiment nearly did not happen as Saturdays the mysterious circle do not sit or link in to spirit, however spirit team kept prompting Sylvia to go to Richmond castle, the more Sylvia asked Chris to take her, he had other ideas to go other places in which those other places ended up a wasted journey, losing part of the camera stand and a bit from the camera put a Holt on filming at a abbey she was not meant to be at, she found the missing piece for stand in the abbey car park, then was forced to go home which she found the missing bit for camera which then led the day out to Richmond castle, It was an interesting visit, it was awkward filming at times even though it was a family day out, places get busy with public, however some how a guy in Armour was captured on the film purely by accident, look through the pictures to Sylvia with higher self and some spirit people that appeared throug…

29th April 2011 Day 6 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sittings

endofvid [starttext] 29th April 2011 BIG Spirit Experiment day 6 It is now that special day of the Royal Wedding and what a nice special day for Prince William & Kate Middleton to be getting Wed, Since watching The Royal Wedding On TV, MysterioUS Circle will be attending a Castle or 2 today, will sit and film on locations and also at home today, It is very possible Spirit people may wish to appear from past as well as present. Please watch this space for the updates later today on what has happened. Heading for: Middleham Castle, Richmond Castle or Easby-abbey, Jevaulx Abbey today mysterious circle visited   Middleham Castle, certainly had a lot of hot spots for filming, take a look at the images below, you will see some images of Sylvia's higher self, and other images of spirit people, the sitting for physicalmediumship did not last long as the ET got in to preparing the experiment, Chris the circle leader who will no longer be, affected the sitting that it had to be closed i…