10th April 2011 MYsterioUS Circle sitting for Meditation is not just a physical


it is now the 10th april 2011 here are the sittings for the mysterious circle in light, chris was not present as he on call, the physical circle is canceled however the meditation sittings are here for you to see below, some pictures was a little dark even though a beam of white light is next to mediums face working out the wall, some pictures was auto color adjusted so you can see clearer the origional picture is posted with them. There are faces in the sittings becoming more visible and of there own self, enjoy the pictures theres quiet alot.You will see in some spirit people, the conditions they passed with, if you cannot handle anything in this way, please do not look, these are in the second part of the kitchen photos where the brightened images are.
there are pictures i cannot share where spirit APPEAR around my children playing in garden, there is a strong connection building there to.

Kitchen:!st set kitchin pictures show spirit rearranging the mediums face at different levels transparent or even reshaping, there are spirit who do appear, in front and sides of medium.

the wall appears different and something has materialised against it, this is not our seat   whatever this is appearing like a seat, the wall is showing a marking or plaque on the wall stone, could this mean something medium not aware of? could it be historical?

medium appearing transparent whilst sat

Kitchen, darker images with brightened image and origional image below: i feel the people coming through have either been drowned, or had some connection in death where there spirit is showing there condition and green algae or moss on there skin and other things on skin, could it even be plague related? I do not feel plague i feel drowning or possibly died in ways they may never have been found, I must ask them to get answers if they casn tell me, as long as there is no language barrier.


I had to trim this off the side of picture where swing was visible, my kids was playing at time, this man came through in the garden.
the children was visible at swing so i cut that part picture out, on sylvias forhead numbers and possibly letter appears, what does this mwan, there is transparent outline appearing around her face,spirit person coming through, zoom in, what do you think is in the forhead of sylvia

whilst sylvia was tending gto the children near the swing, written letters in light appear on her back which is AS5S and i think an arrow before the a is pointing towards the bushes. what could it mean


Do you see the dark mans face over and in front of mediums face? it is possible theres a connection family wise to medium, not sure.

if you zoom in you can see this is a male, his nose is a similar shape to michael jacksons nose, i am not saying this is michael jackson, look on the side of head at top a black bead has materialised with either hair or tassel attached to it, this man seems happy about something, not sure if he has a cigar? in his mouth



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