11th April 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Sittings for Meditation


It has been a bit of a sad day, things have not been very good, it is not all about developing mediumship, it is people how they can become greedy, demanding, expecting this and that, and personaly, if no one can accept what efforts spirit make, then sadly that is up to them, Sylvia has not been sad because of sitters or negativity, it is what is said by those who want it all now that is the real problem, no person should be treated like a lab rat or made to feel, things have to be done under another ones command or rule, this will not be happening, sylvia has worked hard with spirit for many years and she puts her trust in spirit 100 percent. Those in the physical life who become greedy, obsessed, demanding, nothing is enough for them, what are they trying to achieve or prove, in all honesty, what ever is proven, it still is not enough for them until the obsessiveness kicks in demanding or wanting more. they either accept, or keep off the subject once and for all. Mediums are yes rare to find when it comes to any form of physical, sylvia is not a physical medium, her development is not spirit photography, it comes under another name that has been given by spirit and ET that under strict rule to protect her and her for there reasons, it will not be released until they are happy to let people know.
She is not an ectoplasmic medium. we will cover this subject another time. Spirit have not been content these past few days since saturday, however they still want things to proceed with the mysterious circle.
Below are some images of the sittings for meditation.



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