12th April 2011 Spirit get physical in seance Room


on the 12th April 2011 sylvia the medium of mysterious circle sat firstly in the lounge for meditation, and then sat in the seance room, she asked questions to spirit directly what they are willing to do, to also get on the video recording to be seen, when after both sittings she scanned through the video recording, she discovered some amazing results, look below at the pictures for both sittings.

Lounge Sitting Meditation:

spirit people in chair, one appears solid the other nearly solid, even though the medium at this time is sitting in this seat, spirit took over, part of the mediums clothing is still clearly seen

 Seance room Sitting:

spirit materialising in the chair with the medium, zoom in to get a closer view., mediums face to transfiguring.Somebody has been in touch and feels they know this spirit person, once confirmation is confirmed as a definate will update this here with more detail.

medium is dematerialising at this point in chair yet 2 spirit people here are together, one is wearing an orange outfit the other a light lilac?

medium stands up and is stood near empty seats, the spirit person appears on the medium

dematerialised medium, spirit person coming through

spirit vortex is shimmering around the medium

spirit person face appears on mediums forehead the mediums face is transfiguring

a spirit persons face appears on the mediums forehead, the mediums face to is part transfigured look where the chair handles are at front of chair, theres a silver possibly part of a bike handle appearing.

spirit materialising infront the medium whilst medium still sat in the chair

mediums face has transfigured to another spirit person face the mediums hands too are changing

a spirit head appears over the mediums face towards chair bars at top, the mediums stomache area is showing the spirit persons body part emerging out the medium

mediums face has transfigured with another spirit face over hers.

mediums face has transfigured here, and her hands have dematerialised it is possible the spirit person could have lost there own hands?

Dogs head appears poking through mediums stomache area, mediums face is part transfigured
mediums face has transfigured here, next to her head another face appears seperately and the spirit persons arms appear around the mediums waste, mediums arms are on the chair arms.



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