13th April 2011 Meditation Sitting


even though today is the birthday of the medium, she thought she would do a meditation sitting with 2 cameras, she got a brand new camcorder for her birthday and felt it would be good to ask her spirit team if it a good idea trying out the new camera, permission was granted by them however they want to work with 2 cameras. The phenomena that occured on the new camera has not shown strong clear spirit faces, however once they adjust to the new camera things will be better, the camera was positioned distant from medium, materialisation etc as spirit are new to the camera, once they get used to it i am sure within a week or 2 the faces will start appearing strong, however what has happened they have controlled the camera to attempt to create phenomena by blurring out the medium on the video recording and they also some how managed to cause the medium in the chair to alter in size going from taller to smaller this shows on both cameras, and that was not to do with the camera settings or the medium moving, so this camera may be being tested out for more things that spirit may find useful to them. look below at the faces from  the other camera.



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