14th April 2011 Spirit appearing in seance room and in lounge


it is now 14th april 2011, mysterious circle sit and have some real good spirit people come through, take a look below at images that have come through even to the point where sylvia is stood next to a camera and next to her appears a full sized spirit person, transparent appearance yet in there form. She has not been able to sit long meditating this evening as she not fully herself, plus chris is on call. Look at the spirit man in full length with his sword.

spirit light mist  appearing next to mediums chair

spirit person vortex appearing

mediums face transfigures

spirit hands vortex appearing with mediums hands

spirit person full size appears next to medium

vortex spirit persons hands on arms of the chair, mediums hands on lap mediums face transfiguring

spirit person head appears at side of mediums head, the transparency of the head is seen appearing into the top back of chair, eyes, nose, mouth clearly seen

spirit person face appearing into mediums face, spirit teeth are seen, nose just above mouth

spirit person stood next to medium chair the same spirit who stood next to medium near camera, holding out a sword, this is a male with a very old fashioned mustache under the nose pointing out, goaty beard, clothes to date back

spirit person appearing in the chair even though medium is dematerialising

medium is not in the chair at this time you can see part of her clothing not far from chair, yet in the chair a spirit person is sat



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