15th April 2011 Discovery made involving the garden

on the 15th April 2011 Sylvia thought she would go out in to the garden with children, it early morning to, sky looks grey yet it is not raining, she felt an urge to put the video camera on record and leave it running whilst outside with the kids, when she scanned through the video, she came across a picture that looked odd, she knows what is in the garden, what should be there and what should not, yet materialised on the picture are 2 dark grey or near to black like boxes, one looked like an out dated possible washer tub or bath a weird shape, no lid on could have been used to put flowers in, as a few flower heads are seen this is positioned near the childrens play house betweenthat and board on floor, now where the slide should be visible and is not on the film yet in corner towards a wall is another box looks possibly like a coffin shape unless a box with lid on, i contacted chris today my partner, made him aware what has happened, i said to him there is a possibility somethings buried in the garden and there could be more to this than we realise, spirit are trying to tell us something and show us, up to us to check it out and see if anything is here.

I cut part the picture off as kids on the picture, take a look what do you think these are? I put arrows on picture so you know where to look, zoom in to get a closer look.

spirit face appears at side of sylvias

Garden Sitting:



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