15th April 2011 possibly Roman? appears during short sitting


15th April 2011 mysterious circle sitting, sylvia asks spirit people those of high well known status when on this earth plane and in there life now to appear if they feel they would like to be seen, amazingly enough some one appears, wearing a helmet possibly roman or of another empire. look below at the pictures that are stills off the video recording below. The Sitting was short but worth the results. sylvia is very grateful for all the efforts the spirit people are making, she will check the video again for any other spirit people, she has not been to good in health, she will get back with things soon when she gets better and yes she must rest up and not sit while ill thats the golden rule.
spirit face appears in front of mediums face
large spirit head appears in front of mediums face
spirit face appears to the side of medium s hand
possibly chariot rider or roman? spirit head appears next to the wall


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