17th April 2011 mysterious circle sitting great achievments from spirit


it has been an ongoing struggle for sylvia with illness, however she is getting better, she felt inspired today, the day of 17th April 2011 to do some test sittings, firstly in the seance room, then in the small hall downstairs near the kitchen and backdoor to garden and toilets. It was a real sunny day, sun beaming its light, a good spot and also time to sit, she sat, and brought through many spirit people, the seance room had mixed like redlight was partly used due to the seance room ar4ea where cabinet is was a bit dull, needed brightness. Chris has not sat with sylvia for how many days now, he rarely does, yet it is not a problem for sylvia, her work with spirit will carry on, it must go on to help those on the otherside be remembered and what ever tasks they wish to share or get guidance on in getting there connection to where they feel a need to be or to make contact, this is a must to help them do it. Enjoy the many pictures that are here for you to view.Sylvia did find it hard to relax, yet is greatful of the spirits efforts coming through.The reason the medium could not fully relax, there was a spider on the ceiling hahaha.
Hallway near backdoor and toilet:mediums higher self appears in some of the pictures
Seance Room:
mediums face transfigured hair appears curled
mediums face transfigured more male, mediums hair looks shaved in side of her head
mediums face going through transfiguration, face is moving in to mediums face
male spirit person appears with part shaved head
mediums face going through transfiguration, moustache appearing under mediums lip on one side
changes appearing over mediums eyes
eyes appear on mediums forehead


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