18th April 2011 Mysterious circle Sitting Meditation


It is the 18th April 2011 a day where sylvia has been only able to sit for 18 mins, due to her health not being in the best of form, she may have a complete rest before sitting for physical, she has only been able to do short meditation sittings, however at this time spirit are aware she needs a break. Take a look at what few pictures came up on the camera of the spirit people in the seance room. At times sylvia was communicating with spirit people in seance room, asking them if it possible for them to do something she would be gratful, at times you can see in some pictures spirit hands over her mouth, as though they want her to be quiet. If any more pictures are fond on the film, she will add them on here. Thank you for taking the time to show interest in the mysterious circle, and the spirit people that come through to be seen.Chris had no idea how much spirit have progressed with sylvia as he has not been sitting with her, he has been elsewhere on another planet, he caught a glimpse of the spirit hands coming out the neck of sylvia and was suprised, where he thought her face was the only place being worked on, it has been on all of her, and the efforts of materialising when they can he was suprised to see how much spirit have achieved, sylvia will not give up on the spirit people, there will always be sceptics in the world for something, yet it is up to each individual to decided what they want to believe in or not. Spirit people will be doing big experiment soon, like no other, bringing the impossible here for you to see and witness soon.
face appears at the side of mediums face, eyes nose mouth are seen clear here
spirit person vortex beginning to form here, transparency building around face and seen slightly above mediums head
mediums face has transfigured here, hands appear coming out the mediums neck area, mediums arms are on her lap
mediums eyes have become very black at this stage of transfiguration
mediums face transfiguring and hands appearing out the mediums neck into face, mediums hands or on lap
mediums face and hair hands transfigured
spirit face appearing into sideo mediums face, transparent
mediums face showing signs of transfiguring
mediums nose beginning to transfigure
spirit face appearing into the mediums neck, mediums hands transfiguring
mediums face and hair at this point transfigured
spirit person appearing o mediums face transfigured
spirit person forming on mediums face, vortex transparency appearing
medium face has transfigured,is this a male?
hands are moving up the mediums neck to the face, mediums face transfiguring at this stage
mediums face is being rearranged by spirit hands quiet quick
mediums face has transfigured here
not a happy chappy coming through here on the mediums face
mediums face has transfigured here much larger in  build and appearance very male spirit person
the spirit hands are working on the face bringing through spirit person possibly a male
mouth transfiguring at this stage
face appers on mediums forehead
from mediums cheeks down spirit face appears
face appears going down into mediums neck from cheeks
face of a spirit almost skull like appears in between mediums hands, mediums face is transfiguring
mediums hand has changed almost disfigured, mediums face transfiguring
spirit person coming through transfiguration and a spirit hand is forming from mediums neck chin area


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