19th April 2011 Mysterious circle Sitting Meditation


it is the 19th April 2011 and sylvia the medium of the mysterious circle sits in the seance room, firstly at the entrance area, then secondly in the cabinet area, the atmosphere has been mixed yet a very good night, it is sad however on this occasion that her other half has never anytime for family life, yet it is not a problem. It is a good feeling being able to work with spirit people in different lighting conditions whether natural or artificial, this will help those who do not understand sitting in light, how spirit appear and can be seen in different lights, how stronger light affects them or not as much as lower levels of light. Take a look at the pictures below of todays sitting, sadly part of mediums head in some pictures is not seen on top part.
Spirit face appears transparent next to mediums face, mediums face to is transfiguring
spirit face appears in the side of mediums head
mediums face transfiguring as though multi faced
spirit person seen with arms around medium in chair, head appearing side mediums face
spirit person transparent vortex seen on outer and inner part medium,there arms appearing into mediums inner sides
whilst medium is stood up, a spirit person puts there arms around the medium,whilst the spirit person seated in the chair
mediums face going through transfiguraation change here
mediums face transfiguring,
an object materialises inbetween mediums hands whilst she is transfiguring here
stronger transfiguration changes very clear now
something is materialising in mediums hands here, mediums face is transfiguring
very strong transfiguration of spirit persons face appearing in the mediums face, eyes, lips etc
spirit face appears where mediums shoulder is visible
spirit person sharing the same space as medium in body
spirit person transparent yet appearing in the chair over medium
dematerialisation of medium and spirit person coming through
very strong transfiguration of spirit person appearing from forehead down on medium with there own stripe colours, is this part of there hat or there make up etc?
face appearing at side of mediums head
spirit person coming through face looks strange in appearance in middle, this how they appeared on the recording.
spirit face appearing above mediums head as well as con her face
spirit head in back of the chair whilst medium leaning forward
 medium sat in chair going through dematerialisation change
mediums transfiguring spirit person appearing and with there hands
mediums head going through transfiguration changes


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