20th April 2011 Spirit person,family member, visits


it is now 20th April 2011 it is a lovely sunny day and children go outside in garden to play, Sylvia was inspired to go out with them, she took the camera with me left it on record on stand. i was not thinking of meditation or physical mediumship, just wanted quality time with the kids. So she switched off in my mind. After being in the garden, I decided to come back in to the house make some food and drink for the kids. a while after, she thought she would upload the video recording on to the computer and look at the video. she went through it and was surprised to see what happens near the swing area of garden, a change over happens where a spirit persons full face appears on mine very clear, walks obviously using my body. But in clear full shot. take a look below.she feels  this is one of her family who she never got to meet, her mum lost babies of brothers and sister's, I never got given there names by my mum, yet I feel it is one of them here. P.S the Evening sitting did not had to be canceled.
This is me with my hair loose, rarely wear make up, my eyebrows I never pluck, all of me is natural, people who know me and have met me, seen me in person will know my skin tone and my looks. those who have not met me will have to look at me in this picture then look at the other pictures to see what is different in face.
you can see me in the corner with my hair tied up I have my back to the camera, coming out the swing area you see a face and body, yet in my clothes obviously, the vortex transparency is attached to us both at this point.
The vortex transparency is seen but not me as me, the spirit persons face you can see very clear looking towards camera
spirit person face is getting clearer to see walking over but using my body, as the vortex switched us over

closer up to the camera - spirit person face closer up to see, the eyebrows are closer together and thicker, nose is a different shape to medium, skin is darker to,the lips are also different to the mediums, however you will find it hard to know the mediums face due to the amount of faces that appear every day over hers, yet in honesty she would not lie to public what is or is not real. you be the judge
spirit person appearing at this stage, transparent vortex
spirit person of a different face comes through here when Sylvia is sat down, the vortex at this point is still linked with medium and spirit, sharing the same resources from medium


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