21st April 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting Meditation & Physicalmediumship


It is the 21st April 2011 what a near disaster occurred today, the computer went down, it was becoming very difficult to load it back, during sitting spirit was asked if it be possible to help fix it, to sylvia surprise, it is now fixed thanks to them and there help, chris sat with sylvia this evening for physical, yet only for a very short sitting, a billy bob came through and spoke and Tommy and kutumbu. It has been a positive evening. Here are pictures below of the meditation sitting, plus a couple from the physical sitting, if any more pictures are found we will add them tomorrow. Sylvia will be checking the videos to the fullest for any communication besides images and add what is needed to the blog for those who wish to know more in what's going on. take a listen to the white noise that came through on to the video recording for the physicalmediumship sitting, spirit attempting to communicate and a sound what is like a typewriter?.
medium gooing through transfiguration, the spirit presence is strong around her
mediums face transfiguring more here, all face is changing in appearance and shape
spirit person forming over the medium
spirit person face appearing at this point
mediums face gone through transfiguration changes around mouth eyes nose
a spirit person face is looking on at you now from the side of mediums face, mediums face is onlooking the opposite direction with transfiguration changes appearing there to
medium going through transfiguration here the lips have altered in shape face to is altering in appearance
mediums face going through another transfiguration
you can see a face obviously looking at you, on the side of mediums face another face appears
the mediums face is transfiguring again here larger face nose and eyes chin are very much changing and ear area
Daytime meditation sitting:
male spirit transfigures here over mediums face just before the sitting begins for physiccalmediumship
Physicalmediumship sitting:
the video recording at this point becomes active with white noise, faint voices of communication and a type writer sound is heard play the audio below to listen



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