22nd April 2011 sitting for Meditation


it has been a long day, sylvia spent a full day out with family and had a real good time, got home tired out, sat for a short meditation when the children went to bed. It has been a difficult evening wanting to relax yet the atmosphere is lovely and calm. 22nd April 2011 seems to have arrived fast since it was weeks ago april just arrived and soon it will be over, for those who did or did not check the blog page for the 21st April 2011 I posted up an audio clip of what occurred on the video recording, an unexplainable type of EVP has entered into the recording, had trouble retrieving it to save as an audio,it some how taken over the whole last half of sitting,will be checking more on the audio on all videos soon,Any how take a look at what few pictures I have for today, there's not a lot or great deal.


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