24th April 2011 Mysterious Circle Big Spirit Experiment Begins today


It is now the 24th April 2011, today is the new launch of the Big Spirit Experiment, this will be an exciting time for the mysterious circle to work towards many impossible things with spirit and other life forms of existence. Please watch the updates for todays experiments later on this evening UK time for england. Experiment will begin at around between 6:30 pm or 7pm UK english time. It is possible Sylvia may film outdoors earlier in the day, if she can get to an historical building or even castle, she will include it as part of the experiment to see if any one in Spirit wishes to be seen and if possible heard also whether in the grounds or building, lets hope this can be done if not today, before the easter holidays end. Many questions will be asked before experiment begins however what is asked we will not expect it all to happen in one day, we will focus on what they feel best with and include the rest as we go along. remember it is not just about recognizing someone of fame in history, it is also about bringing through loved ones you may know to. It will also include Spirit world and other life forms of existence projecting there world of existence in the circle, teleportation/transportation, dematerialize, Materialization etc,or even anything else that could be impossible to do here on earth yet spirit achieve it, remember this is NOT ectoplasm mediumship.These spirit experiments are ongoing for 5 or 6 days a week until spirit people and other life forms of existence want it to stop. Heading for the Rievaulx Abbey
It has been a busy day and an enjoyable one, below are images from the   Rievaulx Abbey there will be more pictures added from the physicalmediumship sitting tomorrow, still finding images on the video, will add any found here, It was very difficult recording at the abbey it was busy with public so Sylvia had to do what she could any chance she got, if Sylvia was more relaxed and it was not as busy at the abbey more could of happened, this is just a taster what you see now, she hopes to do more of this on the opportunity of historical visits.Still need to check out the physicalmediumship sitting video recordings for images, check below for what is there to see.
Watch the 6 min clip of the ET Spirit light working around the medium just before the sitting fully gets going, it also goes to chris giving him healing, it goes within and out the medium, around the cabinet and room, this is getting ready for the experiment, this is part phenomena we can only show from the video recording at this time.
Rievaulx Abbey : In Some of the pictures below you will see my own higher self walking or sitting with me, this is part of the changing over to bring through the spirit people or other life forms of existence
spirit person eyes nose mouth appearing on mediums face at this point
spirit person face eyes nose mouth appearing on mediums face
spirit person appearing over mediums face
lips appearing in the mediums face
medium and higherself on look to see whether it is safe to sit in public, plus feeling the best spots to bring through the spirit people
medium dematerialising and another spirit person attempting to appear
medium transfiguring in face, spirit person appearing possibly with an injury in how they passed away.
face appears over mediums face whilst transfiguring
appearing on the mediums top in the corner embroidered looks like an historical logo of some kind need to find out what it is, spirit person transparent next to medium, possibly with items
mediums higher self walks behind medium
you can see here medium and higher self are together walking different directions, there's a dog and some people near pillars getting ready to walk over it was not easy for the medium to work in a public place
medium looks on looking transfigured in face yet next to her, higher self stands with possibly a roman helmet on head?could be wrong
behind the medium is a spirit person who successfully manages to make an appearance, the higher self allowed this person through vortex  to be seen.
you can see in front of the medium a tall transparent figure walking, behind is the medium yet the mediums face has transfigured to a man
medium is sat on floor, face at point of transfiguring, the higher self hand appears, mediums arms by her side
spirit arms appear around mediums waist
higher self and medium walk in a line encouraging spirit people to appear black clothing appearing on mediums wrist that is not in connection to mediums clothing
medium stands touching abbey wall face transfigures, mediums higher self looks on
possibly monks in a row wearing black gowns appearing from back of abbey towards medium, mediums head transparent yet the higher self of medium is bringing through a monk, part of the monks head is transparent and part materialised
medium at the back, in front higher self swaps over the vortex to allow this spirit man to be seen, his face in front of higher self and medium

medium transfigures here whilst sat at the steps of abbey, a face appears on the side mediums, zoom in get a closer look
higher self walks towards medium
higher self stood up looking on at medium, the higher self clothes are looking green at the back
in the arch of the wall a white triangle shape appears within the wall then vanishes, look at the picture below where you will see nothing in it, sylvia has thought it could been a butterfly or something yet when replaying back the video, it comes out the brick above as though materializing in thin air.

mediums face going through transfiguration change

no body is at the back of the medium in physical life, at the back is spirit person wearing pink, there etheric body walked through the medium down the steps you can see through there etheric
higherself is now behind medium going up the steps and transfiguring over mediums head a spirit person appearing, zoom in to get a better look
higher self with medium
higher self and medium together sat in different spots
higher self arms appear with mediums
medium and higher self together crouched down, higher self looks on giving the all clear to medium to that it is ok to allow the spirit persons through vortex to be seen
the abbey appears with a very orangey light which is not sun related or fault on the picture
higher self is walking behind the medium
higher self is with medium
mediums face transfigures a spirit male face appears
medium and higher self walking in 2 different directions at same time observing whether to sit and bring through the spirit people
higher self appearing stronger here in face, the etheric side of the medium sylvia
higher self is stood next to the medium almost looking camouflage to the walls around
a medieval person is attempting to come through next to the medium
medium and higher self are together yet separating at this point
medium is going through the vortex change at this point where a spirit person can appear over the medium you can see mediums legs are becoming invisible transparency
mediums face is transfiguring the vortex transparency appearing on the outer part of medium
medium dematerialising at this point
mediums face is changing whilst crouched
mediums face transfiguring at this point
mediums hands and higher self are working together and observing if it a good idea to allow spirit  people to be seen at this point through the vortex
a male spirit person appearing here, face is half visible
whilst medium is sat here, a spirit persons face possibly male attempting to come through to be seen, the medium face is fading yet interlocking with spirit
spirit person making an attempt to appear
as medium sits on step of abbey a spirit face transparent appears
mediums face going through transfiguration a male spirit person  is appearing
mediums face at point of transfiguration, higher self close by
medium is at the point of change over with a male spirit
mediums face begins transfiguring here whilst sat down
mediums higher self and medium walking in  2 different directions at the same time a 3rd spirit  person is in the picture
whilst sat on floor my head transfigures, over me in the transparent vortex my higher self to is changing a monk attempting to appear
you can see the medium in clear shot, behind the higher self is still walking with her
medium transfiguring at this point
monks begin to appear in the black robes at end of abbey, behind the medium a monk is beginning to come through vortex the higher self of Sylvia brings them through
2 different spirit male faces appear over mediums face
spirit person face appears on mediums face at this point
spirit person face appears on mediums face, somethings materialized on the arms of the medium, like clasps?
mediums face has transfigured zoom in take a closer look at face, something has materialized in the spirit persons hand
mediums face has transfigured here, the arms where elbows are look as though something is on them bit like clips the type when some one gets chained up from arms? the impressions look as though there
Physicalmediumship Sitting Evening seance room:
medium going through transfiguration stage face appearing over mediums lighting was not the best
medium transfiguring, face appearing over side of mediums
mediums face transfiguring at this point, face appearing side of mediums face
mediums face transfigured here
mediums face at this stage has changed yet reforming
ET spirit light moving around cabinet, room.
ET working with there light for the experiment
ET Light appearing on and around medium plus it goes to the circle leader chris
ET spirit light absorbing in to the mediums back here getting ready to sit
the spirit light moving to different parts room and to equipment as well as cabinet
spirit light again appear around walls, medium, and coming out the cabinet
face appearing over mediums face to one side whilst her eyes are shut and entranced


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