26th April 2011 MYsterioUs Circle Sitting Day 3 Big spirit Experiment


today is the 24th April 2011 day 3 of the big spirit experiment sitting began bit earlier, Sylvia sat alone Chris was feeling tired so he did not sit with her so it meant she could not sit for physical only meditate and work with spirit this way, phenomena captured on the recording, images for you to see, yet behind the mediums chair phenomena occurred the glass dome was taken off the wooden tree base, and the sound of it is clearly heard on the recording the visual side of it moving was not captured by the video recording, it seems spirit people are getting in to moving things, the 2 cameras was recording, both cameras moved by spirit, this is noticed when the recording is playing back, so now they are getting more in to controlling the cameras it happened with both. Some images you will see are remarkable, Sylvia got out of her chair to tend to the glass dome after sitting the cameras was still running, you see walking round to her past the chair on the picture a spirit person, a face that looks as though in black mask appears at side of Sylvia head whilst sat in chair, and a animal transparent appears with head going from wall over the medium in chair, not sure what animal this is, other things transparent appear on her lap, enjoy the images below.Spirit had a field day with both cameras physically moving them and controlling the functions on them, and also brought plenty phenomena noises and voices, this is great to see on film.
Spirit person walking past chair , the medium near wall tending to dome
transparency of spirit person fading away towards wall past medium
spirit animal long neck like a goose or duck? body on wall head on medium, type of animal may be extinct? or armadillo?
mediums face transfiguring spirit attempting communication
bit more solid looking spirit person walking past mediums chair towards medium who near wall
face which is wearing black mask? appears in side to back of mediums head, something transparent materialized on mediums lap
transparent spirit head appears behind chair bars
medium transfiguring mediums arms are raised spirit hand appearing on mediums lap


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