28th April 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Sitting Physicalmediumship Big Experiment Day 5


It is now day 5 of the Big spirit experiment, Chris the circle leader sits with medium Sylvia, no other sitters present. 2 cameras up and running recording the physicalmediumship sitting on 28th April 2011, much has happened in the natural light conditions in seance room, the ET spirit light appear flying about the room in different sizes, one of the ET appear near Chris popping its head out behind the Art box from cabinet  next to Chris, the camera made 3 alarm rings, clicks was also heard in the seance cabinet in the location point where ET head appears, communication came through from Melanie Cartwright & Tommy, Chris turned the sound down on the stereo, spirit turned the sound back up by them self. The natural light levels became a beam right across medium whilst the ET moves about the room bringing there light, look at the images below for the point where Chris puts his hands out to the ET Light and 2 of them go to him.
YOUTUBE Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm0Oc5BmDfc
spirit ET lights appear near medium on wall
Beam of light going through medium and up wall
ET Spirit Light going over Table
Small ET head pops over the lid of the Art box next to Chris, light grey blue in color, features a little like a cat, zoom in to get a better look
ET spirit Light moves around the room, medium in trance state
Chris reaches out his hand to welcome the ET spirit light, they come over to greet him
small ET spirit light appears on table


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