29th April 2011 Day 6 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sittings


24th April 2011 at Rievaulx Abbey
29th April 2011 BIG Spirit Experiment day 6
It is now that special day of the Royal Wedding and what a nice special day for Prince William & Kate Middleton to be getting Wed, Since watching The Royal Wedding On TV, MysterioUS Circle will be attending a Castle or 2 today, will sit and film on locations and also at home today, It is very possible Spirit people may wish to appear from past as well as present. Please watch this space for the updates later today on what has happened.
Heading for:
Middleham Castle, Richmond Castle or   
Easby-abbey, Jevaulx Abbey
today mysterious circle visited   Middleham Castle, certainly had a lot of hot spots for filming, take a look at the images below, you will see some images of Sylvia's higher self, and other images of spirit people, the sitting for physicalmediumship did not last long as the ET got in to preparing the experiment, Chris the circle leader who will no longer be, affected the sitting that it had to be closed immediately, so not much to show on that sitting.
Middleham Castle:
spirit person transparent  face appears here in front of mediums
mediums has transfigured, her higher self appears in front
higher self is in front of medium, the medium transfiguring behind higher self
spirit person face appearing on mediums mouth in neck area of medium
spirit person transparent head appears next to mediums head
spirit person transparent head moving over in to mediums face, mediums face transfiguring
medium appears part dematerialised, mediums higher self allows spirit person appearing through her body and face
spirit person face coming through side mediums face
medium face transfiguring
mediums higherself walks behind medium on look out
mediums higher self stands over medium
medium stands whilst higher self looks down to ground
higher self of medium near circle on ground
mediums face transfiguring whilst crouched down
medium and higher self in 2 different directions
medium and higher self walk together looking for a spot to encourage spirit people to appear
mediums face transfiguring whilst a spirit person attempts to come through over medium
mediums face going through transfiguration
mediums face looks on a transfigured face appears on side mediums face looking another direction, earrings? appear in mediums ear
higher self face transfigures whilst walking behind medium
spirit person appears at back of mediums head transparent
appearing over medium a male spirit person
spirit person face appears at side mediums head
spirit person face at side mediums head
mediums higher self
medium face transfigured spirit face appears over mediums
medium and higher self are together looking at 2 directions of scenery same time
medium with higher self
mediums head transfigured
mediums face transfigured and a spirit person head appears over medium to one side
medium with higher self feeling the energy of building
mediums face transfiguring whilst touching walls
spirit face appears in the mediums face, a male


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