3rd April 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting for Physicalmediumship


on the 3rd april 2011 mysterious circle sit for physicalmediumship, present is chris the circle leader, and sylvia the medium, no other sitters present. The lighting was not at its greatest this evening, however spirit came through on the mediums face, take a look at the images below, communication also came through from different spirit people. It has been a real good evening, sorry the lighting is not clear enough as of natural daylight when is brighter is when it is better. behind the medium a strong yellow orange glow is around her head through out the sitting, this has been called the golden people, those who will come forward in the sitting will. Any more images found on the video recording will be added tomorrow.

mediums face transfiguring here, her own face has changed yet on her forehead another face is appearing

face appearing on mediums forhead, her own face is transfiguring also

mediums face going through a transfiguration change who is coming through?

the vortex transparency is seen just over mediums head

2 faces in one here, at side of mediums head and the front of mediums face transfiguring

you can see the structure of mediums face and neck has altered alot re shaped

who is this?

you can see clear on the mediums forhead a face, you can see a mouth open and teeth,mediums face is transfiguring looks part faded away

the vortex is over mediums face here the face is changing

a face is coming through on forhead, and medium to is transfiguring

a big change in mediums face again, structure, shape and appearance

who is appearing on the mediums forehead

vortex is working in the mediums face changing the mediums face

a spirit person head comes through strong over mediums head on the side, possibly a male

the vortex is working itself in the mediums face changing, the spirit person coming through

the medium has a completely different face transfigured over her

who appears with there teeth visibly seen, nose and eye? mediums face is disappearing partialy whilst another spirit face comes through

many faces are attempting to come through at the same time, you can see the spirit pushing there way in, in different parts mediums face neck

partly materialised on medium spirit person coming through

2 faces in one medium looking up the spirit looking opposite

spirit face appears side on to mediums face



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