4th April 2011 Mysterious Circle Sits for Meditation & physicalmediumship


it is now the 4th april 2011, so much progress spirit people have made coming through the medium in natural day light conditions as well as artificial lighting. Today the medium sat late for meditation, but it was worth its wait, the evening circle is at 6:30pm this evening so please check back for the update. the meditation lasted about 15 mins it got cut short, yet what appears on the video recording is marvelous, you can see more solid in form and clearer the spirit people coming through, take a look below at the day time images for a late sitting.

Day Time Meditation: 

the mediums face is showing signs of transfiguration

something appears around the mediums neck bit like a collar with a jewelry in the centre,the mediums face is building with a mixed color energy

face clearly showing transfiguration, mediums features completely altering

materialised on the medium is a toy or figure on one side of medium, a black turantular spider on other, if she knew that was coming she would freak out, the mediums face is transfiguring

mediums face is building, transfiguration face appearing

face has transfigured here very clear to see, 2 noses, eyes repositioned

the color energy is moving into the mediums face, materialised on the medium is some kind of spider or something like it with stripes on going up the mediums arm

a male spirit is forming over the medium here

mediums face is clearly seen going through the change

medium transfigured here

medium dematerilising

during the dematerialisation of medium, this spirit person appears with a very different color appearing all over the chair

the mediums facial structure is changing here

claws are appearing out of the color energy on the mediums side of face.

medium going through transfiguration change

something colorful and also black white appearing in the area around mediums neck

mediums face building with color rays

spirit is now forming here on mediums head

full head appears over mediums head looking right at you
big change of transfiguration taking place here

who is this appearing in full form clearly over medium?

medium with materialising spider on arm

who is this person fully visible with there arms folding in to medium?

Evening sitting:
the evening sitting went well, the light conditions are nowhere near as good as natural light conditions, the achievements spirit have given below is still remarkable.



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