5th April 2011 Mysterious Circle Sits for Meditation


it is the 5th april 2011, it has been an unexpected mixed day of positive and negative, but a day i had a little time to adjust and find peace, sitting for meditation has been good today, not alot of spirit came through, however still there results are visible, look below for the day time meditation images, sylvia the medium sat on setee in the lounge in natural light conditions. No voices heard only birds outside tweeting.Please check back for this evenings sitting.

 Evening Sitting:

this spirit person either died in a fire or is covered in sut?

Daytime Sitting:

spirit person face moving into mediums face

spirit face appearing looking on, mediums head looking opposite

spirit person face female older in appearance apears over mediums face transfigured

medium going through transfiguration change

mediums face being reshaped during transfiguration

another female coming through mediums face transfigured

transfiguration change is strong hereface beginning to appear in mediums face, hand full rainbow energy part dematerialised

face is forming clearer here than the above picture, spirit arms and hands appearing also

mediums face has changed yet is on the point of normalising



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