7th April 2011 Mysterious Circle Sits for Meditation & physical


It is now the 7th April 2011, what a wonderful sunny day, nature is in bloom and the birds, animals, gorgeous day to wake up to and enjoy for spiritual means, today sylvia sat outside in the garden for meditation achieved real good results on the video recording of spirit faces coming through and also indoors in the lounge, take a look at the images below, she will be sitting tonight for physicalmediumship also, you may check updates on that, apologise for yesterday physical evening sitting did not take place as chris got home very very late.

Dayime Meditation Sitting Garden & lounge: 

starting to form the transparency over mediums face and somethings appearing on the mediums cheek

the transparent vortex is moving around the mediums head, beginning to create transfiguration of face

building over the mediums face another spirit person coming through clearer

mediums face still has the vortex transprency yet the mediums face has gone, 2 faces appearing side by side to each other sharing the same space over the medium

mediums own face especialy nose mouth and eyes are altering yet another face is building in transfiguration on the cheek and above eyes

mediums appearance is clearly seen very transfigured here spirit nose mouth eyes very different an extra set of eyes appearing just above the eyes

side of mediums head as medium looks on another more solid looking head structure with face appears sharing same space as medium

the vortex transparency on medium is showing the mediums head re shaped

head and plant appearing on one side of medium

head and plant appearing side of medium here

transfiguration begins here alterations to mediums face is taking place, spirit person making an enterance

the transfiguration here is showing in different parts of mediums face side of cheek and higher head on the side, lips are changing, and nose, the eyes are heavy also

mediums eyebrows nose whole face reconstruction during transfiguration

nose and eyes are going through strong transfiguration

mediums eyes have changed



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