8th April 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Great outdoors gets better with spirit people


on the 8th April 2011 remarkable faces come through in the garden, stronger and visible. For those who keep checking the blog posts every day please take a good look at the faces, there is a very strong chance you could see some one you know appear in any of the pictures. The evening sittings have not been regular as they should be, however tonight one way or the other sylvia will sit, chris has not been very reliable, so if it means getting a new circle leader, or sit alone, this will have to be arranged. It has been a lovely sunny day, nature is in full swing. please take a look at the people coming through the medium. Some spirit people are known, not all in the pictures, if they communicate they say what they wish, not all reveal identity.

Evening Meditation Sitting:

This person came through seance room months back look below see if you feel it is the same person?

31st January 2011 sitting for physicalmediumship in redlight

Daytime sitting Meditaion:



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