9th April 2011 portany Circle Sits for physicalmediumship, mysterious circle films the circle

on the 9th April 2011 the PORTANY Circle sat for physicalmediumship , MYsterioUS Circle medium also sat and filmed for them as a one off special for sandy,as she is the mediumfor this last week in chair on this occasion, chris will be sitting as medium coming saturday. Sylvia did a stupid thing, she was told byher guides not to film the circle this night as things was not right, but she went ahead anyway and yes things did not work out anyway as spirit took over the camera altered the visibility settings and light. any how look at the spirit that appeared sat next to norman below, in the empty seats. sandyto  had spirit spirit people with her to in cabinet, not all pictures could be posted as the images are too dark to see,peter also has spirit sat next to him, the image that would have been posted up for him was too not distorted, things looked out of range in parts of picture and did not want skeptics being fussy over the picture however if peter would like it shown will post it up, I feel for sandy norman and peter the spirit people know them. however not all pictures can be shown as the quality of the pictures was not great due to spirit altering the camera setting and also the redlight was not correct either. It was a real good sitting in the circle, the curtains kept moving during the sitting, there was no draft, a blue orb was seen by sitters at different times in room, norman and peter felt things happening to themselves peter felt he had something like nettle stings on his skin, norman had many spirit passsing by him, peter was nearly entranced, could be by the spirit next to him that may have been  over him at a point. Chriss experienced things to, all sitters seen, felt, or heard voices, touched to by spirit.

spirit person sat next to norman in own chair

sat next to norman here a spirit person in own chair

transparent male appears in own seat sat next to norman

sat in own clothes next to norman on a seperate seat next to norman and just before the sitting closes a spirit person is observing the room, i feel they to are sitting for spirit hahaha this person is connected to norman

sandy smiles in cabinet and hugging in to her head is another spirit person head pitty the lighting levels was dark, maybe this spirit person knows sandy, lovely picture

the reason this picture looks all over the place is because the cam ended up off the stand at the wrong time, and sylvia could see the spirit male person with peter during the filming, the spirit person is transparent partly over peter, spirit persons head appears with face features between the picture on wall and peters face.

Posted up by sylvia Howarth  MYsterioUS Circle


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