BIG MYsterioUS Circle Experiment coming soon


MYsterioUS Circle
are looking to do some test sittings to see if those in spirit such as for example: Tom harrison,
Leslie Flint etc, would like to make an appearance and be seen on or next to the medium during the sitting. MYsterioUS Circle will be working harder towards bringing through more loved ones and those who are well known to many people in the world, remember we cannot force them, yet if they come forward by there free will and want to be seen, this will be a wonderful achievement for them. I am also helping with a friend get his brother through and other loved ones, he feels his brother has already appeared, the connection will be kept focused, the more positive results from spirit and there feedback from those here on earth will show more evidential understanding, spirit will do all they can to get seen as well as heard. Any results in the experiments will be posted up on the blog page, always check back to the blog page or main website for the updates, thank you for your interest in the circle.Pictures above are spirit who have come through during different sittings.


MYsterioUS Circle


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