BIG Spirit Experiment Launches on Sunday 24th April 2011


The BIG Spirit Experiment is not far off in beginning. This will involve, Spirit People coming through on recordings, as well as in person when sitting. The Aim is to bring loved ones through and other life forms of existence from other places in the universe, as well as bringing through recognized people who people will know for example: Lady Diana, Leslie Flint, Tom Harrison and lots more people whether well known or not. MYsterioUS Circle also wants the experiment to include your loved ones, people mysterious circle has never met or seen in any shape or form, yet If anyone related to you, wants to appear, they will by there own free will. The Vortex will be opening up for them to come through on this experiment, it is going to be ongoing for 5 or 6 days a week in the time mysterious circle sits when children are at school or in there beds a sleep, patience is a virtue, results and rewards of the spirit people and other life forms of existence will be achieved by them in all effort they do.  
Even though Law has a rule we have to follow as anything in physical mediumship has to be seen as an experiment and not promised or guaranteed, mysterious circle aim everyday with spirit to prove the afterlife is real. And even though there are scientists who would love to sit and witness this for themselves, the door is never closed, they have already asked the circle, however the rules they want to give are in the william crookes experiment under laboratory conditions, and mysterious circle and spirit are working towards this getting ready for that big experiment the William crooks way, and when ready to our fullest we will sit that scientific experiment there way.                          
The Big Spirit Experiment is getting us ready for the Scientists, when spirit are fully ready to go ahead with there scientific experiment.
                                   MYsterioUS Circle
 BIG Spirit Experiment date begins on Sunday 24th April 2011, 
Spirit Person Appears over medium on 7th April 2011 In natural daylight in Garden



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