Do you understand EVOLVE?



What can be achieved from any life form of existance? well certainly they can do many things, they have the ability to be seen, heard, felt, sensed etc, and the most amazing part of it all is, what they can bring with them, pets, family,furniture, music,there favourite items, books, foods,nature and lots more besides. Since the mysterious circle has been sitting, many things have appeared,we have been shown places that are not on earth, from another life form of existance and with there own equipment and machinery, what the life forms themselves look like, and they all on different planets have a different look to one another. Some spirit people that have come through the circle have brought many things to show or just share, and it is a lovely feeling knowing what they can achieve. A closed minded skeptic would not want to believe anything that is occuring and the reason for that is, they do not want to allow themselves to dare take a look at what is or can be if they step over a line. the choices an individual makes is purely up to them, they either want to evolve, or stay stuck at the point they do not want to move on from. The evolvement is unique and the more one allows themselves not to hold back, it will be a greater achievement in what can be discovered and witnessed by your own senses. People who do not want to believe in something or anything, what do you think happens to them?
well it is simple, they end up at the back of a queque wondering when it will be there turn to prove there line is valid and has not expired, yet by time they can get to do that, those who have already gone beyond that point already are already up there on the next level of evolvment and witnessing more on the spiritual life on earth what is really around them, that had been invisible to them for some time, is then clearly seen, heard, felt, sensed, you can either allow yourself to open up to it and become evolved or you stay in the material life of the same thing day in day out, work, cook, clean in basic terms, yet what is really all around you and is waiting for you to open up, will give you a greater joy and experience and you will grow into the most wonderful being that you never thought could be possible.
Careers, schools,governments, the list goes on, drums in to people every day, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS OR ELSE? you want to have a break or try and have time for you, what happens, work, work, work, work, hours get longer not shorter, you get restricted, the people who control because they want to and think they can put a label on you will keep holding you back from anyrthing to stop you from evolving, to prevent you seeing what really is there around you, and if you slowed down, and found what time you can to spare everyday, even if it is in munutes, thats an achievement already and a start, never feel it is not enough, what few mins you get, results from other life  forms are far greater in coming in than ours. Take time, do not limit yourself to others ways of how you should evolve, where yyour guided to b e is where you will evolve in your life to the greater higher person you will become in the next life where once you shed the body of this life you will become much more enlightened and beyond where you have already been at, if you do not cross a line, it is only you stopping yourself from evolving, unless you allow some one to control you in to there way of thinking.
 Spirit are evolving all the time to higher levels, where your at now on earth is only part of the beginning, other life forms to have choices to evolve or be stuck where they are also.
How Do I Know This?
because I have been there, I am there, I remember, i never allowed the material life to make me forget what i knew was always real to me of the other lives i have been in, who i met, and who i commun icate with now even though some of you may find it hard to see them, I see them, and i get them on the cam to be seen to those who find it hard to see a spirit.
TRUST is a big word and can be hard to follow, trust in yourself and your spirit friends, they will look after you.


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