The Easter Remembrance When Jesus Spirit appeared


The Easter Remembrance When Jesus Spirit appeared after His crucifixion on the Cross is something that most religions will accept, the knowing that those who was present at the time, knew he had died and yet his tomb was empty of his body, had no idea what they was about to witness in seeing him in full materialised form as a spirit and communicating in direct voice to the people present. Transfiguration of Jesus has also been witnessed, where Jesus has been seen, now if religions can accept Jesus being a great healer, he appeared as a spirit and seen by many and all the other miracles he performed, then why cannot those religions accept mediums, healers etc. of the modern times of now? If Jesus appeared now, they would accept it, and they know they would, yet any other spirit materialisation or even medium is seen as devil worship, if this is the case, then you either believe Jesus was real I n what he did or you dis believe it, yet you cannot just believe and accept one individual who did this healing, materialised as a spirit and other miracles, there are people who can do what he did and I mean those who are not committing fraud those who are genuinely gifted, why cannot a religion accept there are people with the same abilities as Jesus?
There are people who will say the bible is man made, there is a truth bricked up behind a wall in relation to the pope, yet for whatever reason do not want the truth revealed to the world. There are people who believe Jesus was real, there are people who do not, there will be people who will say Jesus may have been alive all along or just survived yet appeared or escaped the tomb or was let out yet spoke his words to say to those who wanted him out the way that he proved them wrong and lived, there could be yes many things that people can look in to before agreeing or dis agreeing on the bible itself. Spirit apparitions have been appearing way before Jesus, it is only history that has managed to be found and survived people got drawn to and kept memories alive, those who are being left forgotten could be just as important than the book we all know as the bible, the real truthes can still be out there and the bible may not be what all religions believed it to be, food for thought, we all share the same planet, we all eat, we sleep, we work, we die, we are born, yet the cycle goes on, why stay stuck on a line by those who put you in a situation of man made ways of thinking and adapting to the way you have to believe in some one Else's law when beyond the line are far more greater things that are real, and is there in existence to share, understand, learn more on, why is the world being limited to what is really out there to discover yet your having drummed in to your heads, in your minds, YOU CANNOT DO THAT OR BELIEVE IN THAT IT IS NOT THERE you have to think and work material life and nothing else. ONLY BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO BELIEVE IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND.... IGNORE IT, IS IT A CRIME?
If you know in your own self something is real to you whatever it may be and you personally experience e it, you know it is not your imagination, you should have the privilege to be able to say with confidence it happened to you without feeling you cannot speak about it out of the fear someone wants to keep you quiet from opening up.
Why are you looking in a tomb for some one who is alive?”. The Angel Luke 24:5
I am the living one who died. Look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and the grave.” Jesus Revelation 1:18
The one who gives life appeared! We saw it happen, and we are witnesses to what we have seen. Now we are telling you about this eternal life that was with the father and appeared to us. We are telling you what we have seen and heard, so that you may share in this life with us, And we share in it with the father and with his son Jesus Christ. Jesus,friend John 1 John 1:2-3
We all have beliefs and goals in life,for whatever reason you are here to live your life, you must be able to live it happily, content, freely without feeling you cannot.
Why is the world Run by world Leaders?
Who is the Main leader running the planet and wants the Universe to?
Why is everything owned by someone else's rules and regulations?
What has happened to mother earth nurture and nature to enjoy freely?
Why is there a label or price tag on everything that should be free meaning food, water?
These questions can be and will be answered, as for now, something for you to think about, we all are in the same bubble, we should be able to go anywhere and enjoy the world, yet the rules are, you cannot gain entry as you are classed as an alien because your from another part of the world, you cannot be accepted unless you pass the tests given, to gain entry. This is getting a massive thing in the world everyday, new things crop up.
The Spirit world cannot be wiped out, it progresses on, things evolve all the time, the ones who hold you back from evolving are those who do not want you to go over the line to see beyond it, yet if you go forward you will evolve, allowing those to hold you back, will only allow those in higher status and power to keep you from getting anywhere above them, and that is in anything you want to be and achieve in your life in the physical world. Whatever your meant to be, be it, whether Actor, Dancer, Singer, Film Maker, Carpenter, Car Maker, teacher list goes on, that's what your meant to be if your gifted in that subject, if your not meant to be any of the list, you will be meant for what you are about and that cannot be taken away from you, because you are you, you can only change yourself no one else can. Remember you are unique you are here for a reason, and you will find it and achieve it, believe in yourself and flourish, Jesus did not give up, he kept on going, and even though he died on the cross for us all, his memory still lives on, those who brought him to death, there memory lives on not in a good way, in a way that will never be forgotten in how they put Jesus to death, yet he proved them wrong, it took his spirit to return to do it, the one thing that could not be done was his body be fully brought back to carry on living in the physical life, as it was too far gone for that. If a man of great faith can do it and stick with what he knew he was and is about, so can you.
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