Is It possible to fall in love with a spirit person?


I felt the need today to bring this subject up, I have heard people over the years speak of experiences when it involves things like the film the entity, how a spirit that cannot be seen can some how get intimate with a person in the physical life, Not many people can talk about the way a spirit person, connects, how they feel, what they do, and are they able to do things they did when on the physical plane of existance.
The truth is whether you as an individual is in a physical body or not, all capabilities are still there within a person, it is how you use them, it takes great effort in physical life from being a baby to adjust to new surroundings and how to learn to walk, talk, crawl, eat, learn new skills everyday, communication is the hardest for a baby even though in there mind, they are aware of what is being said to them in spoken words, they may have immediate answers to respond but cannot get the words out as limitation of communication is not easy and they get held back which is frustrating, language barrier for parent and baby is hard to understand at that point. In the spirit world it does not mean a person loses there abilities, they just need to ADJUST TO NEW THINGS that they are not used to when they first enter in the realms of spirit world, once they learn a few simple tasks in getting around, communicating etc, they can achieve alot in progression.
The question is on LOVE, when you are able to see a spirit, even communicate with a spirit who is to say what can happen. You can just be friends, or passers by, yet one day something far greater could happen, and it can. Not many people on physical life will want to believe or accept it, yet it is a reality, things are possible, those who already left us in life such as husbands or lovers we all have experienced at some point have lost, once they go  one would think that is it, they dead, need a new relationship when ready? well you do not have to get a new relationship, you do not have to feel because your husband or wife etc has gone thats it end of? those people in spirit are very much around, the only difference is, there invisibility to you is not easy for you to see, yet you will have experiences of feeling, sensing or hearing them etc. It is still possible you can share your lives together how you always known each other, just because one of you is in a body and the other one is not, that you can or cannot share the love you once had for one another.
Falling in love is a real as you always known in this life you already live, and it still happens with those in spirit world, and it does not mean that because they in spirit world they are not capable or they can only fall in love with those on the same side of the fence  as themselves, it can happen at any direction. The hardest things to deal with is those in spirit world who have been violent people in life and still feel the need to carry it out if they wish to never change, those are the ones if you feel there violence but cannot see them, is hard to deal with, in physical you can see people your used to, those who are invisible and not used to seeing can make a person feel vulnerable and scared because its the not knowing where some one is what they could or can do to cause harm, there are people in physical life who experience this to, and there are those in physical life will say this aint possible, it in a persons imagination or they self inflict it. There is more to life than people in physical life realise.
LOVE is meaningful, it is within everyone, it is the key to eternity, and it is something we all know, share and understand as well as enjoy, keep the love for those you care about, whether family, friends or those close to your heart whether human, animal, nature, love is not all about relationships, it is about how you feel about something or some one and how you to want to be treated in return. Showing you care and helping those around you becomes appreciated by those you helped.
A Spirit Is In Love With Me And Wants Me To Marry Him, and Yes we cannot have it all even if we could.
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