Spirit Man Wants to Marry sylvia

It is the ev ening of the 13th April 2011 and sylvia the medium of mysterious circle, was feeling ill and felt, she had to go to bed early and sleep. In the early hours of the next morning, she had an Astral Dream that felt very real. So real, she could hear, smell, touch etc things around her. To a point the Astral dream was nice until something altered it. She was aware of her mum, and her mum was being asked by a man that has appeared in the mysterious circle sittings if he could marry sylvia, at this time sylvia heard what was being said and reacted. This man obviously in the Astral was very much strong in connection with sylvia already, knowing her and in serious love with her, she knew she is already with chris, this man did not want chris with her, now because sylvia stepped in and refused the marriage, the man got angry, he picked up her lap top and threw it in anger, sylvia's reaction was she did not want some one feeling they can tell her what to do or control her life, He was hurt, now since she woke up, things have been bad, theres an atmosphere of all kinds, chris been snappy at her, she burnt her finger doing breakfast, she trapped her finger, everything has been going wrong, and why? because until sylvia gives in to this man, he will not calm down until she says yes to marriage to him. You may find this true story un believable, yet he is very real, take a look at who he is below. in the astral he was average in buildid, long hair black, tied back in a pony tail, dark skin like an american indian, attractive, yet when you see his face, you know he is a guy you would not mess with, I personaly feels he wishes sylvia no harm, he wants to be with her and keep her safe from harm in the physical life. Since sylvia day been in action, she been approached by different men that they love her, want to date her, is this a coincidence or a test? she does not see herself attractive, or could the spirit man be testing how she responds to other people to in answer?

this is him, the spirit who wants to marry sylvia


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