What is Real?


What do you believe? when you wake up in the morning, what do you see in front of your waking eyes? When you eat, drink, work, enjoy a hobby, what do you see and believe is real to you by your own eyes? when you have fun, have a drink, communicate with other people, what do you see and hear? is it real to you or do you dis believe your reality may not be real? You are on earth a physical living person, your own etheric spirit self is in a human body, getting around having an opportunity to do more, learn, discover a advanced set of knowledge, gain new skills yet it just is not about material gain, you are you, special unique, yet because your so in to the material life, you become too caught up in it, you forget why your really here on earth in the physical and in what you have to do. The etheric you is also your higher self, your higher self is more advanced in skills than you would ever dream to be capable of.
Many people get used to material life, demands, pressures get put on them every day, there's no time to sit around for a while and relax and do something you feel you need to be doing, why do you think the distractions are always around you to stop you doing what you should be doing? and to make you forget what you should be doing and the life you once had that you did remember yet it gets faded out your mind by laws of this life.
It is as though the planet is crying out for you, yet rulers fit the bill and conditions to prevent those from discovering or rediscovering what is real before them, if you get a limit of time put on you, where there's hardly any time to do something for you, it ends up a waste.
when your born, your made aware immediately where you just arrived from, the memories are fresh and real in your mind yet, the minute you speak when the communication side occurs, those around you who dis believe in what you remember, keep drumming as much as they can to make you forget or believe in there way of doing things and forget what you already had and been to before.
Your etheric self walks with you everyday within you and on the outer of you, and just because you may not see it with your own eyes, it does not mean it is not there, your etheric you is important and it has so much it has learn t, and discovered in many journeys of life it has been involved in already,and is involved in now, life is continuous, the physical body sheds it shell as like a skin of a snake, as it may not be any use anymore, one day, yet your etheric you will always evolve and progress, your etheric you is special, it may not always be seen solid with the eye, it may not be seen, it is a transparent copy of you, and where ever you go, it goes with you, it is the part of you that passes on to a new life when you pass over from this life. Never forget who you really are, never let those around you attempt to take that belief from you. Your only allowing them that want there own rules to keep you at bay. The Spirit people are real, they walk amongst you all the time, transparent in appearance sometimes they can appear very solid looking yet not in the same way as the physical body.
When you sit in your home watching TV, you may just have some one else sat right next to you and you may not even realize that the spirit person is there. do not be afraid, welcome them, they are only a step away from you, there transparent world is combined and interlocking with physical world.
Death is how ever you want to make or believe or see as in your own perspective, yet if you allowed your own self to open up and look closely around you, you will find one day, you will see all those spirit people there in front of you, and you may wonder, how is this possible. People do see and may not realize that they are seeing a spirit person as a spirit, they may think it just a person walking by me.
Science can experiment as much as they can to get answers, there will be more questions to seek answers, the unexplained is within your own self, the answer lays deep within you, you already know the answers, and have the knowledge on the other worlds, you just got to reach out and grab it, it is there for all to share and see.
Technology is advancing everyday, so is the spirit world, the spirit are becoming more skilled in getting what they want known to you, never knock it, unless there's another explanation, investigate your experiences with them, and keep persevering, spirit pull the pin, they go where they please, they do have free will just like we do.
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