10th May 2011 Big Spirit Experiment

it is the 10th may 2011, it has been a mixed morning, sun shines for a while then goes dull,Sylvia the medium sat for meditation this morning, she made the attempt even with a cold. look below at the changes in the mediums face, and of those spirit people you see. It may be possible an evening sitting may take place.

Light Meditation sitting evening:
Sylvia sat alone for meditation as chris could not get home for the physicalmediumship sitting. Sylvia sat for 10 mins, reason for this, due to cold she has. She was not aware the positive results, yet faces appear possibly native indians and other cultures, got quiet a few spirit people in the 10 min sitting, the down side is, the light was not brilliant, it was then changed, the medium heard the camera being controlled by spirit, the light at times nearly went to black, this was in the natural light. you will see the tops of the heads as though head wear or even feathers been coming through with each spirit person, or the hair has altered. Will keep adding images to blog as there are more being found on the film.

Meditation Sitting Lounge in Morning:



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