12th May 2011 Sitting MYsterioUS Circle Big Experiment


Franseur Benedictine Greeting Chris & Healing Chris, he even drew his own portrait

It is a late post, due to the blog.com maintenance, no access was available, sorry for any delay of posts things happen that we cannot always prevent.
on the 12th May 2011, mysterious circle sat for meditation in the morning, however sat for physical mediumship in the evening, the sittings was very positive, the best results came in the evening, communication and spirit world art came in by a Franseur Benedictine, other spirit people came through the sitting, there was not a lot of communication, some spirit chose not to communicate, yet Tommy did communicate, the Lighting was adjusted by spirit to different levels, and the camera. Chris had some healing you will see a spirit person appear time of healing, many positive results, enjoy. Healing was given to Chris yet in some of the pictures you will see Chris arm part dematerialize,this does not hurt the patient,the spirit work with the etheric higher self of people bringing there health to the balance they feel they can assist with, the spirit person who heals which are of different cultures, come in holding his hand, you will see the spirit form wearing there own head wear.
Will add more pictures found on 13th may 2011

Physicalmediumship sitting seance Room;

The strong vortex builds the spirit person head appears from the mediums

spirit parson almost solid arm appears at arm of chair with pencil whilst medium in trance still with the spirit world art, spirit person head appears just above the mediums head

mediums arms are holding chair arms, a transparent almost solid spirit arm appears upwards near medium

spirit person appearing here through the medium

spirit people rearranging medium appearance, altering colors in clothing, there hands are separate from the medium

spirit hands in chair and upwards, medium transfigures

medium transfiguring, spirit hands working on the medium

spirit hands reaching out to the camera whilst mediums arms on the chair arms, medium transfigures

Chris is receiving healing which travels up his arm, the medium is transfiguring as this takes place, even t6hough spirit greet him

spirit person beginning to form now clearer over medium face whilst Chris receives healing up his arm, where Chris hand is changes begin to take place for part dematerialize of his arm to begin

the spirit person face forming as the healing process in action

spirit person coming through, as chris arm begins to disappear

spirit arms work around medium and Chris whilst medium still seated in trance, Chris arm returning to nearly  solid appearance

the materialized spirit person healer now in full view, this is also Franseur Benedictine in full view, when you view his drawing he has a similar look

healing and greeting coming to a close

whilst medium in chair, the higher self of medium is helping out with spirit world art and bringing through the spirit people, Tommy one of the guides is also present



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