13th May 2011 Sitting MYsterioUS Circle Big Experiment

It is late posting this big spirit  experiment sitting for physicalmediumship, here it is for Friday 13th May 2011, Chris wanted to sit as medium in the chair and experience the mysterious circle sitting, the camera was on for 30 seconds and in that time spirit turned the camera off by them self and refused to film him in the chair, so Sylvia sat in the chair and the filming proceeded. Below are images of the sitting which lasted very short just over 30 mins, plans for next weeks sitting will be important so spirit team are reserving  what they need for then.Spirit world art was done by a Charles edgar Wallace age 59. he drawn and shaded in pastel a JUG? I must sleep very tired, will add more pictures tomorrow, enjoy the images.

Physical mediumship sitting seance room:

medium transfigured

medium transfigured

higher self with medium whilst medium transfigures

medium transfiguring

higher self with medium

spirit person appearing at one side in front of medium attempting full solid appearence

2 transfiguration's in one, face below chin, face above chin

higher self with medium after the sitting

medium transfigured

medium transfiguring yet a spirit face appearing on her forehead

medium transfigures

male spirit head appears between medium and spirit person is also holding the spirit  mirror away from medium

medium transfigures

medium  trfansfiguring

when Chris passed the 2 papers of drawing and writing to the medium to view, a third appears as though a mirror from spirit, the hands of spirit hold it up in front of medium whilst chris arm holds tip of the paper that has a green mark on, all other hands above near mediums face is spirit

a spirit face transfigures in front of mediums looking at the drawings whilst Chris holds top of paper with green mark on medium hand holds other



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