15th May 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious circle Sittings

It may have been until yesterday a down side of negativity from a source that it should never of came from, yet, this will not hold back the mediums spiritual work. Sittings will still take place, under stricter conditions, a certain person will not be able to witness any of the sittings at home again. Spirit People welcome negativity, it helps them work on producing more impossible phenomena that cannot be explained, and today, in the evening sitting, the medium looks forward to the BIG spirit experiment, that shall wipe the smirk off the negative person's face once and for all.

Watch this space for tonight's sitting:

24th April 2011 at Revaulx Abbey,
higher self and medium walk in a line encouraging spirit people to appear black clothing appearing on mediums wrist that is not in connection to mediums clothing



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