15th May 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious circle Sittings

It is now the 15th May 2011 the mysterious circle sit for physicalmediumship however the medium is alone, Chris is not present, whilst the medium sits phenomena occurs a spirit photographer walks past the cameras, and 2 gun shots heard loud and clear which the medium jumps, due to the unexpectedness, whilst getting deeper in trance state.Gloves are placed by spirit on her hands caught on the new camera, whilst the spirit people transfigure over medium the spirit faces are seen very clear, men and women, a nurse? is also in her hat a emblem is in  the middle of it. There are lots pictures still to add, and lots to see now, enjoy, will have to play back the video's and add any footage that will be of interest to hear or see. Watch this post regular for further updates.

Physicalmediumship Sitting in Seance Room:

nurse? appears over mediums face, build of spirit person appears a lot wider to medium

oriental woman appears over mediums face

spirit gloves appear on mediums hands,zoom in take a closer look, a bit of jewelry is on glove that belongs to spirit, this appeared on new camera



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