16th May 2011 BIG Spirit Healing Experiment Begins

Today is the 16th May 2011 and the mysterious circle has received a request for healing a list of people, this Healing experiment will start tonight in the physical circle, the list of people are in the seance room for preparation for tonight, in the experiment, the medium will be entranced yet healers and possibly spirit surgeons may appear on the film, The ET to may appear, the Rainbow ET may to appear that work on helping those who need there ether spirit body stabilized, for those people who can be helped by spirit healers, shall receive the healing, mysterious circle are not allowed to guarantee cures, it is up to the person's receiving healing to know if it has helped relieve there symptoms. The Patients will not be present in the room, mysterious circle do not know what the people look like, however spirit will bring through there higher self or ether of those people to heal, even though these people are very far away, the people listed on the list will know who has been through a healing and who has not especially when confirmation comes back, there may appear by there own face on the recording, and if so, this will be a good form of evidence those people or person is recognized and is from the list of people for healing. Confirmation of the people there faces to identify it is definitely the same person's on the recording matches them will be a great achievement again, this has not been done before in this way, yet spirit healers will give it a go. Check back in the evening for the updates and results.

Meditation sitting Morning: Cancelled

Big Spirit Healing Experiment Evening: 
There will be more pictures added tomorrow enjoy these what you see now

Healing has been sent to all on the list, different spirit people came through, communication with some, kutumbu, Tommy, yet more to be added here. 3 cameras filmed the sitting so it means, going through all the recordings and posting up more images. Sylvia got her healing and thank those who sent her healing, she was sick before sitting and after, she brought back the awful mucus off her chest which meant she sat tones better, she feels very much herself now, not drained and dragged down. thank you again. any feed back on the people on the healing list, will let you know how those people are.

Elder healing spirit nurse appears, wearing glasses?

medium and spirit person in chair

medium with higher self before sitting begins

medium about to sit in chair, higher self of medium stood facing the art box and near camera

spirit person head appears over mediums

medium transfiguring

male spirit person transfigures over mediums face

2 spirit people sharing the same space over the mediums head

3 spirit heads appear all down one side of medium in a row, 2 male. 1 female

mediums face transfigures

something materialising on mediums head, possible hat or helmet?

spirit person apearing through medium, face visible,hair changing

medium face transfigured spirit person face visible

transfigured spirit face appears over mediums,with own hair

medium in process of dematerialize whilst spirit person appears

face looking right at you, darker spirit person transfigured over mediums hairline down

medium transfiguring

2 materialised spirit people male and female in the mediums chair with medium even though
mediums face is no longer there
The doctor also a spirit surgeon appears
spirit emerging from the medium
As the spirit chant is in place, the spirit healing arms appear
Spirit doctor begins to come through, completes a self portrait
spirit healing arms appearing stronger
spirit male person appears transfigured over mediums face in preparation for the healing night
medium going through many changes transfiguration, spirit preparing to enter
transfiguration taking place
The medium face is no longer her own, another takes its place
many spirit people who work in the healing appear, and the higher selves
of patients to come through the vortex
spirit fingers touch mediums lips, the mediums face transfigures
mediums face transfigured
transfiguration in action
the healing arms at work with medium
the medium transfigures, a spirit healer materialises the spirit healing ball, it looks as though
it being held like a pendulum, it is not, it being moved in mid air without touch
transparent spirit head appears behind mediums in chair
medium transfiguring
medium is still sat in the chair, mediums higher self guides in a ether patient for healing
patient etheric self appears in front to one side of mediums chair
Healing being given to a etheric patient from spirit healer through medium
another etheric patient attempting to come forward near medium, whilst medium transfigures
the spirit world art drawing by doctor, and the spirit mirror or equipment appearing
a materialization of a male spirit person comes through with own clothes appearing over medium
spirit person, a male transfigures over mediums face
medium going through a transfiguration, her own clothes are changing
spirit hands appearing out the chest of medium, mediums face changing
spirit person coming through
head appears to one side at back of mediums head
mediums face has transfigured, many spirit healers coming through, native
healing vortex extends out from the medium whilst mediums arms still holding chair arms
spirit surround medium before sitting ends, male spirit transfigures over mediums face whilst spirit arm in chair
Healing Hands reaching out from the mediums chest, medium transfiguring

healing hands working with medium



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