17th May 2011 Big Spirit Experiment

It is now the 17th may 2011, time flies by so quickly, today, for the evening sitting, Sylvia the medium sat alone, as Chris is doing a church service in knaersborough, this has given the experiment more calmness in the atmosphere to relax and work better for medium and spirit people, it is at this time another successful evening of different spirit people coming in, some may be connected with yesterdays healing, take a look below at the spirit peoples faces that have clearly come through.The Spirit Healing still continues.

male spirit person appears

2 spirit people, the on looker is male

spirit person transparent next to medium, medium face transfiguring

medium transfigured, aa male spirit person

spirit hand clearly seen with fingers wide open on the mediums front, medium face going through transfiguration

mediums face has transfigured, male spirit person

medium face transfigured

mediums face transfiguring the nose area seems covered

spirit face appearing slightly over to one side smiling

medium transfigured possibly a male spirit person

another strong male spirit person comes through over mediums face

2 faces in one appearing in mediums face

medium transfiguring

male spirit person, could be similar to one on this page

medium transfigures, 2 faces coming through

spirit face appearing slightly to one side in front mediums face

spirit head appearing over side mediums face transparent

spirit male person fully transfigured/materialised appears with full beard and mustache over mediums face

spirit face looking right at you from side mediums head



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