18th may 2011 mysterious circle sitting Big Spirit Experiment

it is another new day 18th may 2011 and the mysterious circle sit for physicalmediumship, wow, life is always full of surprises, the sitting had many things happening, the lighting levels was controlled to all levels of light, spirit shadows been seen by Chris and lights going in and out the cabinet, the cameras was controlled excessively by the spirit photographer's and the 2 male and female spirit people seen walking past the medium in the chair, they did not reach full solid materialization yet are near to getting there.Spirit world art also been done during the sitting. take a look at the images below, any more images found on the recording will be added.During the sitting the camera stand on the table near medium dematerializes, look at all pictures to where it visible, fading, then gone.

Physicalmediumship Sitting seance room:

medium transfigured in face

spirit person face transfigures in mediums face, a flower? appears materialised near mediums arm in chair,spirit hand near spirit person face

medium appearing part dematerilized a spirit face coming through

spirit face not fully in view, mediums face of higher self appears

medium transfiguring in face

spirit person appears in mediums face, some jewelry and clothing appearing

spirit person face appears in mediums forehead and up

mediums face transfigured

spirit person transparent head appears behind mediums in chair,spirit world art being drawn

spirit person face appears in the forehead of medium

spirit person moving in to the medium, the transparency shows

clearer appearance of the spirit person over the mediums head

zoom in to take a closer look, the 2 spirit people coming out the medium heading towards the curtain, female looking on to the curtain side ways, the male looks at the camera
spir hands appear, spirit person materialises there own spirit cap (hat)
spirit person face coming through over mediums face
mediums face transfigured a male
medium face transfiguring
medium has transfigured in face
medium going through transfiguration in face
2 spirit faces coming through mediums face at same time
male spirit person possibly with a beard transfiguring over mediums face
medium has transfigurated male spirit person with beard
another male spirit person appears over mediums face
at the side of the mediums head, a male spirit head appears, he has a mustache, you can see Chris head looking on at medium
medium transfigured and in trance during this point of spirit world art drawing
spirit person head appears next to mediums, mediums face appears part blanked out during transformation

materialisation in the chair taking place of spirit, the vortex was very strong it affected the recording, the image has not come out very well



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