19th may 2011 mysterious circle sitting Big Spirit Experiment Party Dance

it is the 19th May 2011, 2 different morning sittings been done, a private special sitting with a friend, and another meditation sitting separate. The Evening Special for Big Spirit experiment is yet to come.
the medium sat out side today in the front garden, it was only brief 6 minutes, due to the insects flying about made it hard for the medium to relax, take a look at some images that came through this morning.

 Physicalmediumship Special Sitting Evening:
wow what a night this was, amazing, the mysterious circle never expected this, the ET was bringing in the spirit through the medium and out, it was a party night of dance, take a look at the impossible become the impossible, it was very active the seance room with noise, the lighting levels and the cameras been controlled by the et spirit photographers, the phenomena grand. Enjoy
will add more pictures tomorrow

Meditation Sitting in Garden morning: some images contain higher self



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