1st May 2011 Day 8 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sittings


it is the 1st May 2011 a new start for a new month, sun is shining, so mysterious circle go on a full day out as a family to visit some historical castles, Brough castle & Carlisle Castle, it turned out a slight disaster at Brough as filming in the hot spots was becoming a nightmare with a couple of people who too was viewing the castle was too in the way when filming wanted to take p;lace, it was a sign to go some where else, which then lead to Carlisle castle, it was a worrying time to film there to, however results of what filming was captured of spirit people was worth the attempts after all, take a look at the images below on what appeared.Any other pictures found will be added, will be adding the physicalmediumship pictures here to for this evenings sitting, please check back for this posts updates.
Will be adding more pictures today and adding captions, you will see in some pictures mediums higher self. It is possible for 2nd May 2011 may film at easby abbey
Physicalmediumship Sitting seance room:
It has been a very interesting sitting tonight, the ET spirit light was very strong and wizzing about the room and to chris and the medium, the only voice communication was from tommy, yet other communication was done by auto writing, and 2 spirit art pictures been drawn by spirit, you will see the face to of the ones drawing through medium. Any other images found will be updated on this post tomorrow, enjoy what is available now, thank you.
spirit world art from spirit person
this is the person who drew first picture appearing and shaking Chris hand sir William knight
spirit world art from spirit person madam
sir William knight drew first picture
mediums face transfigured whilst transparent head appears over hers
medium transfiguring
spirit world art taking place yet the et light is strong at this point causing the picture in parts to appear pix led out
medium transfiguring
Brough Castle: If it wasn't for others children running riot here it would of been a great place to get more spirit people, was very active.
face beginning to appear over mediums face materialized eyes
in the middle of Chris and Sylvia a spirit person materializing, mediums face is transfiguring
spirit person stood next to the medium
spirit person face appears on mediums forehead
mediums higher self stood side of medium

Carlisle Castle:
The Tower where Mary Queen Of Scots was imprisoned:
spirit person next to medium
male spirit person head appears over mediums head smiling

Mediums is behind the Spirit person who is in front of medium, the mediums higher self allows the spirit person to appear through vortex, the mediums face is transfigured
Male spirit head appears through the vortex of mediums higher self, who was this man? and transfiguring over mediums face another spirit person appears, who are they? will need to research further.
spirit person face transfigures over medium, who could this be that was or could of been locked in the tower or passed through it to put people in the tower?
Hooded figure transfigures over medium, the nose is arched, appears side on, wonder if this person was locked in this small room? hardly any space
medium has transfigured a male spirit person appears over mediums face, this is a very small closed space possibly where some one was locked in as punishment?
mediums face transfiguring, this spot was very active on the video you can see the energies moving around the medium, bit like the et lights in seance sittings
mediums beginning to transfigure
the room was dark not much light, mediums face transfigures here
this room was a dungeon, transfigured here over medium is a spirit person, look at brightened image below


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