23rd May 2011 Private Sitting Physicalmediumship online Big Spirit Experiment

it is now the 23rd May 2011 and it is a great atmosphere for the morning sitting, usually Sylvia the medium sits for meditation, this changed for a very special physicalmediumship sitting live on webcam for a very special person. spirit communication took place with spirit world art, and for those that manged to appear did. take a look at the images below, some of the spirit were witnessed some was not, for those that got themselves on the video recording did, to re assure the viewer, they are and is there. A spirit world art drawing which was then brought in to color was completed by Melanie Cartwright who you will see in the images, and she drew Annie. Very special messages has been given to the viewer and also Chris the circle leader, the viewer felt the presence of there loved one next to them, much confirmation yet to come as the post is now up, the viewer will see who else they know clearer by the pictures posted here, please enjoy. Check back this evening for the evening sitting, any other images found on recording will be added to post.

Evening Sitting Big Healing Spirit Experiment: 

The healing night was a very positive sitting, the ether of patients came through with mediums higher self to get healing, spirit world art to was done in a healing session for the world, it was a active time, sat next to Chris a spirit person head appears which is not his higher self, it is a relative. the healing still continues on for those who did not receive it in the seance room, the spirit surgeons, doctors, nurses, healers etc still visiting many in the world that are on the healing list.
Lets hope the people get  through there conditions positive.
as medium is in chair going through transformation, the higher self is going out the medium with a ether patient for healing

   the higher self face is not visible, the patient face is
medium is in the chair, the higher self of medium has brought through a ether patient for healing, this is a female

spirit healers face appears on mediums forehead in to hair, the ether arms appear out the medium giving healing

chris hands are seen, the mediums face is transfigured, communication taking place

healing is taking place the spirit arms are to the side of medium

higher self of medium is leaning forward, the medium is stood up, the mediums faces transfiguring more male

spirit healer head appears next to mediums head looking towards Chris, and next to Chris is a spirit person head next to his own, this is not Chris higher self.

whilst medium in chair and transfigures, appearing on the mediums face is a piece of hospital curtain/clothing material? appearing around mediums head in to the nose area

mediums higher self guides in the ether people for healing

male  ether person head appears guided in by mediums higher self for healing
mediums face has transfigured, spirit hand appearing next to mediums hand
mediums higher self is in front, behind the mediums higher self walks a taller male spirit person preparing for healing
higher self bring through patient ether for healing

higher self and medium together, higher self behind medium

medium is stood near chair, close up of transfiguration

medium stands near chair, showing the transfiguration closer

medium transfiguring

medium transfiguring

medium transfiguring bringing through spirit faces and the ether of patients

medium face has transfigured

medium has transfigured

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medium transfiguring

the higher self of medium face transfigures

ether of patient is moving in to the higher self of medium

Morning Physicalmediumship Sitting private online Broadcast:

medium has transfigured the spirit person arms appearing

spirit person face appears in mediums hair looking right at you

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medium has transfigured, spirit person looking at the live broadcast

2 faces in one transfiguring, forehead and mediums face

the medium has transfigured here clearly

medium has transfigured here, the male who looks to the live broadcast seems intrigued by it all

medium transfigures

behind the medium in the back of chair, spirit person head is seen

spirit person seen clear in mediums face, the spirit person is doing something with the hands

spirit person face appears above forehead of medium, spirit arms appearing over mediums arms

medium has transfigured here in face the vortex transparency shows to the side of head

medium has transfigured in face, spirit arms appearing

medium has fully transfigured in face

during spirit world art medium transfigures, spirit head shows taller person to medium

medium has transfigured in face

the higher self of medium appears transparent in the chair

medium transfigures

spirit world art complete of Annie by Melanie Cartwright

spirit person face appears on mediums forehead, spirit arms appear within the mediums arms

male spirit person appears on mediums face

medium has transfigured in face

the medium is transfigured

during the viewing of the spirit world art to the medium, a spirit person also views the art work and smiles

spirit person face transfigures in to the mediums side of head

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full spirit person head possibly in connection with Melanie appears above the mediums head whilst
spirit world art takes place

spirit person transfigures over the mediums face
spirit person head full in shot over medium observing the broadcast
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spirit person body and clothing is at one side of the medium, the head of the spirit person is on the mediums body, it is very possible 2 spirit people coming through male and female

elder spirit person materialising over medium, part of the spirit person clothing seen the head for the person
appears on next picture down

elder spirit person face coming through strong over medium, part of the spirit person clothing materializing 

spirit person appears in front of medium

medium face transfiguring

spirit person head appearing in front of medium, it leans forward, has curly hair

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when the medium and chris wave during the closing of the online sitting, spirit person appears over mediums face also saying goodbye

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Spirit world Art drawing from Melanie Cartwright of Annie
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