26th May 2011 Big Spirit Experiment Sittings

It is morning and whilst alone the medium sylvia of mysterious circle sits for meditation, she meditated for about 13 minutes due to sudden distraction cut the meditation short, however she felt things on her and around her happening. Some times there is discomfort, other times it can be to a degree uncomfortable if the medium is in meditation state, if in deep trance, the medium does not feel what happens as awareness is not there.
After the meditation, the medium checked the recording, not all images found have been posted up, will be added later today as other duties are needed. enjoy what few are now posted up, the materialization side is getting more stronger, the higher self is seen coming out the medium in one of the images, the other images are spirit.

Evening Sitting:

medium face has enlarged another face appears over hers

male spirit person appears over mediums face

the higher self of medium away from the mediums chair

spirit person face slightly off mediums face looking at you

medium face has transfigured here

medium has transfigured in face and hair, spirit hands holding face
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spirit face appears to side of mediums, moving in to mediums face

medium face fully transfigured, who is this man?

mediums higher self

higher self coming out the medium

spirit person face appears from forehead upwards

spirit person appearing in to the medium

next to the medium, a spirit person holds on to the mediums arm and walks to the chair with her
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higher self of medium in chair

spirit person walks at the side of medium

higher self of medium stood up, medium seating in chair
whilst medium in chair alone in room, a spirit person in own clothing is sat in chair to the side, this is not Chris

Daytime Meditation Sitting:

spirit person reaching out of medium

Higher self coming out of the medium
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spirit person face appears in front the medium yet you can still see through to the mediums face
spirit phenomena taking place medium in front head dematerialize, behind medium spirit person, very tall appearing
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medium has transfigured, male spirit person
a male spirit stands in front near camera, the medium in the chair almost looking as another face
the spirit person near camera walking away, medium still in chair, her face has transfigured to a male
spirit person head appears above mediums, arms to appear
higher self guides out spirit person from medium

spirit person transfiguring over medium, part of there own clothing materializing over mediums


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