27th May 2011 MYsterioUS Circle sitting Meditation & physicalmediumship Big spirit experiment Day 4

today has been a busy one,Sylvia has not been able to sit this morning however has sat this evening, physicalmediumship sitting did not occur only meditation. The medium was not able to fully relax this evening, yet as kept positive through out the meditation, during the meditation the medium had cold spirit air blown  on her face, foot steps been heard in the room and the camera stand been physically moved by the spirit photographer. Take a look at the images below, will need to re check the video recording tomorrow to still shot any more images.

Meditation Sitting in Evening:

full spirit person head materializing over mediums head, this is a darker skinned person

spirit higher self walks past medium, as medium in chair

spirit person appears near medium, medium higher self face not in view

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appearing in the mediums forehead are the eyes or glasses of the spirit person transfiguring through medium

female spirit person appearing over mediums face looking suprised

spirit arms to the side of medium, the mediums face going through transfiguration

mediums face has transfigured

medium going through transfiguration changes, spirit arms appearing

mediums face has transfigured, female spirit person, elder

the mediums face is going through transfiguration during communication with spirit team

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spirit person appearing over mediums face

mediums face transfiguring during communication with spirit people

mediums face transfigured during communication with spirit people

whilst medium speaks out to spirit people before meditation begins, her face begins to transfigure

medium going through transfiguration, face appears more male

spirit person appearing through the medium

mediums face transfigures

medium going through transfiguration

spirit arms appear around medium, the mediums face transfigures

medium transfiguring in face

female spirit person appears next to the medium, wearing a pearl necklace
Spirit person appearing through medium, spirit arms visible

medium face transfigured more masculine



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