30th May 2011 mysterious circle sitting Big Healing experiment

It is now Monday 30th May 2011, the mysterious circle sits for the big healing experiment, it has been a very achievable evening for the spirit healers, spirit doctors and spirit surgeons, helping those in great need on the healing list through out different parts of the world, the healing still continues for those who are hospitalize or unable to help themselves, a SPECIAL HEALING LIGHT HAS BEEN ALSO SENT OUT TO KEEP THOSE WHO ARE IN GREAT NEED, TO HELP STRENGTHEN THEM DURING TIME OF ILLNESS TO HELP THEM GET BACK ON THE MEND.Take a look at the images below of the faces appearing through the medium during the sitting, and the healing spirit hands that also have worked there wonder, any more images found on the recording will be posted up. Healing will also be sent out to people who are not on the list also, to help them get through there difficult times. for those of you who believe in healing please add your absent healing through out the world or to those you feel need healing, every little bit helps. thank you. if you wish to know the names of who have recieved healing, please look at the healing list and results page.

Big Healing Experiment Seance Room:
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medium face transfiguring

spirit person appearing through medium getting ready for the spirit  healing sitting

mediums face transfigures, one of the spirit healers working there wonder through the medium sending out direct healing energy

spirit healer chanting a ritual, this possibly could be kutumbu

spirit person observing  through the medium no name given

this is possibly sir Charles carter changed his surname to Cartwright who spoke to Chris during the healing sitting

another spirit healer who did not speak yet did a lot of communication with hands

the spirit star that appears in the middle of the mediums forhead

2 spirit faces over the mediums work together sending healing to the people on the healing list



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